Why Bunting? Find out how it all began here at the Bunting Basket.

As I sit here and write this long awaited blog, I thought I would let you all know how this business started.  I certainly didn’t set out to have my own business, the Bunting Basket has just evolved over the last 8 years.

It all began in 2011 when one of my grand children was christened and the church hall didn’t allow anything to be stuck to the magnolia walls, so I thought I would whizz up some bunting to brighten the very plain space.  I stitched all the bunting on a very old basic Janome sewing machine which I had been given on my 21st birthday, it was old! I hasten to add this machine lasted for many years and was only replaced 4 years ago.  Guest at the christening commented on how good the bunting looked and afterwards approached me to make strings of bunting for them.  After a few free strings the network of requested widened so I then started to charge for making the bunting.

  The original Bunting Basket

The Bunting Basket was born in 2011 but I was still working a ‘normal’ job so it was very much a side line for me.  I would take the bunting out to very small events in this wicker hamper and to my surprise the bunting sold.  I found this really exciting but was also amazed that people I didn’t know would come up to my table and purchase bunting – I had real customers who weren’t friends or acquaintances. I certainly enjoyed meeting new customers and chatting about the bunting, my confidence began to grow – I could do this!

I was selling these beautiful strings of bunting, seen in the Basket.  But I knew that as soon as you start selling you begin to learn about your business. For me this was a steep learning curve and I had lots of things that I had to consider: ideal length of the bunting, how many pennants on a string and the size of the pennant or should I say flag. Most importantly how much people were willing to pay for the bunting, so important not to under sell yourself.

So the adventure had begun & I had lots to learn but I embraced this amazing opportunity.


Welcome to our new website – Create and Celebrate

We thought it was time for a change here at the Bunting Basket.  So after a couple of months building the website and having fun coming up with a new look – here it is!  We hope you like the design as it is brighter and easier to use and we have a brand new category called ‘Create & Celebrate’ which puts you in charge of designing your very own bespoke bunting.

Within ‘Create & Celebrate’  we have four areas; Personalised Anniversary Bunting, Personalised Birth Bunting, Personalised Named Bunting and Personalised Wedding Bunting. A service that is unique to the Bunting Basket.

Why not take a look and contact us so that we can work on that collaborative design with you, we look forward to hearing from you too:) https://www.thebuntingbasket.co.uk/create–celebrate-3-c.asp

This photo shows a ‘Personalised Named Bunting.